Terragust was born from the dream to show the marvellous products we have in our region, Majorca

Terragust started in March 2019, joining Terracor, organizing guided tours through their cultivation fields, explaining their philosophy, which is to collect the fruit and vegetable in their optimum of maturation. As crowning glory of the event, chef Biel Cornet will prepare a 5-course-menu, with the best products of the season, which will make your mouth water.

After more than a year, seeing the reactions, listening and valuing the opinions of our visitors and having received a lot of requests about our products, we decided to launch the Terragust online shop. Here you cannot only buy fruits and vegetables from Terracor, but also some of our top products, like our fantastic bread made of xeixa flour and carob tree, as well as marmalades from the sweetest fruits of the season, or “hierbas dulces”, a typical Majorcan liquor made with more than 20 different kind of herbs, and many more of our products.

We are a young and dynamic team, looking forward to work hard to make our customers enjoy their visits and our products. And that´s us:

Matías Adrover. Majorcan farmer who had always cultivated vegetables, herbs and edible flowers and from 2011 on, also fruit trees. He considers himself obsessed with the idea of cultivating products with real flavour. Now, with Terragust, he finds his dream fulfilled guiding the final consumer through the fields of Terracor, showing them with his explanations, that agri-food has to be sustainable – with high quality and full flavour products.

Biel “Cornet”. Chef, born and grown up in the countryside of Manacor, acquired the knowledge and importance of the Majorcan products from his parents, who are farmers. At the age of 19, he decided to share his passion for good food with others and started a professional training as a cook to make others enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life, as much as he does.

Marina Adrover. Management and administration. She has always been living surrounded by crops and felt the need to pass on her passion for agriculture and regional products. She is the customer contact, responsible for the communication and organisation.

Pere Lluís. Guide. During the visits, he will explain the processes of sowing, handling, care and harvest of the food from the fields, in Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French or Italian, according to your needs.

Lilly Yesenia. Waitress. She will make you feel as if you are in paradise and nothing else matters. Attentive and helpful she will serve the drinks and dishes of the tasting menu.

We all will be waiting for you when the lockdown is over. In the meantime, we encourage you to support the local producers, because we all love our land and what grows on it without the need of transport or premature harvest. Our fruit matures on the tree and our vegetable is harvested in the morning and delivered on the same day in the afternoon. We love it fresh and full of flavour. What about you?

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