Enjoy guided tours through Majorcans’ farmlands and end the tour with an excellent tasting menu.

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Tour and tasting menu


terragust tasting


We’ll be so happy to receive you at our fields and make you really enjoy a delicious menu, made with local products. We accept groups of 20- 40 people


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Terragust offers you the opportunity to recover the origins of the Majorcan countryside, living a unique experience that unites nature and gastronomy in which you can discover where the food comes from, how it is grown and when it is collected for tasting and consumption.

Terragust is an experience of gastronomy and rural tourism in Majorca, which moves between the different farmlands of Terracor, depending on the production of the season. There are several farms which are part of this joint project between Terragust and Terracor.


Terragust has teamed up with Terracor to offer these gastronomic experiences in which the main value is the product we eat.

Terracor is a company with a long history in the agri-food field that has been working since 1975 to offer products from Mallorca worthy of the category of excellence.

Terracor works to recover the traditional varieties of our agriculture and to promote their consumption, offering the consumer high quality products, flavor and aroma of its vegetables, fruits and vegetables.

To enhance all the qualities of fruits and vegetables, Terracor works in harmony with the natural environment, without violating the soil that feeds us, and taking care that each fruit and vegetable grows in its most optimal biological process.


At Terragust we will walk through the fields, with Matías who will explain the processes of planting, handling, care and harvesting of food from the field. He will explain the particularities of the autochthonous varieties of fruits and vegetables of Mallorca, as well as he will inform us about the importance of the consumption of local and proximity products.

While we are walking we will be able to take the fruits and vegetables directly from the plants in their optimal state of maturation as well as to know what means km0 agriculture.

After the walk we will eat a tasting menu seated at a table located in an incomparable natural setting. The chef will give us a taste of seasonal products by preparing exquisite dishes in which he will reinterpret the flavors of the countryside through textures and cooking that will make all our senses experience new sensations and emotions. 


About our cuisine

Biel Llull Galmés “Cornet” (1991), born and raised in the countryside, acquired the knowledge and importance of the Mallorcan product from his parents, farmers by profession. At the age of 19 he decided that he wanted to share his passion for good food with others and decided to train himself so that others could enjoy one of the best pleasures in life as much as he did.

He began his training in Kitchen Management at the IES Juníper Serra and continued in the kitchens of the restaurants “Molí de’n Bou” and “Ca’n March” among others.

Cornet, as his friends know him, continues to train himself day by day in a self-taught way and attending courses to be at the forefront of the latest trends in cuisine, to always offer an updated cuisine and thus extol even more his love for the products of the countryside of Mallorca.