2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, especially for those who were already in a vulnerable situation. In this context of crisis, we must all do our bit to help each other and support our neighbors, friends, acquaintances and strangers.

From Terragust we try to help with what we have, fruits and vegetables, that is why every Saturday the fields of Terracor receive the visit of volunteers from the NGO Hope for Mallorca, who collect all those fruits and vegetables that do not meet the aesthetic canons required by the market and distribute them to people who need them.

Otherwise, these fruits and vegetables would end up in the trash, despite being totally edible and with the same properties as the others, but with a “non-regulatory” aspect.

During the months of December 2020 and January 20201, the social entities, together with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Balearic Islands, have acquired a total of 119,140 kilos of vegetables and 37,502 of fruit from local producers, Terracor among them. These foods have reached 60,000 people through entities such as the Food Bank, Red Cross, Mallorca Sin Hambre, Monti-Sion Solidarios, Zaqueo, Tardor, Pan y Miel, Cáritas or SOS Mamás.

Reducing food waste

It should be noted that in this type of operation we all win, since, on the one hand, those who need it, get access to quality fruits and vegetables and, on the other, we reduce food waste. A part of the harvests, which does not comply with commercial requirements, would result in food losses in another way and we avoid it.

On the other hand, thanks to this acquisition by Agriculture and social entities, we managed to dispose of tons of food that had been planted thinking that the health situation would improve. These fruits and vegetables had to be sold to hotels and restaurants that have not been able to open due to the pandemic and, thanks to these actions, we have been able to dispose of the surplus gender.