Adopt a tree


Have you ever wished being a farmer, having your own tree ? Now you have the possibility to adopt one and receive its fruits at home.

Let us present you a new project with which you can take part in the promotion of the local products from Majorca. Adopt a fruit tree from our fields, give it a name and receive its fruit whenever you want.


What means adopting a fruit tree ? With an annual payment of 40€, you will be sponsoring one of the trees from our fields: we will give it the name chosen by you and will care for it with the utmost attention. You can visit it anytime you like and will receive information regarding the cares we will give your tree, such as winter pruning, flowering, pollination, first blossom, thinning, collection, etc.  Besides you can enjoy discounts and special events for members.


You can adopt any fruit tree from the fields of TERRACOR, which are peach-, flat peach-, nectarine-, apricot-, plum- or fig trees.

Be aware that this fruit tree provides fruit only during 15 days approximately, therefore you can pick fruits from other trees of the same type (which may have an other taste) or have them sent to your home.  

If you’d like to know the seasonality of the trees, before taking the decision which tree to adopt, then click here to see the scheduled time of production for each one of them.


1. Choose the type of tree you want to adopt (peach, apricot, fig, plum, etc.). With your annual contribution of 40€, we will provide all necessary cares to your tree.

  1. Choose how many kg of fruit you’d like to receive during summer: 25gk (40€) or 50kg (65€)

  2. Choose, what you’d like to receive:  fruits from your tree only or a mix of fruits from TERRACOR.

4. Receive the fruits of your tree and/or other products of the season at your home address*, or come and pick them yourself. No stress, we won’t send all the fruit at the same time – you decide how much and when you want to receive it.


Becoming a farmer with Terragust, you will get access to a special code for 5% discount on all your purchases with us during the year and can also participate in exclusive experiences for members of our “club de agricultores” (Farmer’s Club).

Support the local products adopting your tree and enjoy the most tasteful and delicious products from our lands.

If you are a company and would like to offset your carbon footprint, please contact us